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Heavy Metal - Canada - Location: Calgary Kobra Paige Vocals (2009-present) Peter Dimov Bass (2011-present) Timothy Vega Guitars (lead) (2011-present) See also: Shadowblade, Sixguns Over Tombstone Jasio Kulakowski Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm) (2012-present) See also: Shadowblade Griffin Kissack Drums (2009-present) See also: Lords of the Mountain, Norrath, Nebucadnezzer, ex-Moradin, ex-Dark Forest (live) Kobra and the Lotus / Promo 2009Demo2009 Out of the Pit -2010 Kobra and the Lotus-2012 WITH METAL now divided into countless sub-genres, it’s refreshing to find an act who require no prefix before the music that they play. KOBRA AND THE LOTUS are the act in question, and the music they play is metal. Not ‘this’ metal, or ‘that’ metal… just metal. Pure an’ simple. This is music played without compromise or apology – fuelled by the finest traditions of the genre, by the great names who have gone before, but with a keen eye on the future and the raw edge of youth to keep the pot boiling over. HAILING FROM Canada and fronted by powerhouse vocalist KOBRA PAIGE, also the band’s founding force, the defining factor here is a commitment to engage, entertain & excite, spear-headed by a live show that is crying out to be heard through larger amps in bigger venues… "Kobra And The Lotus are the fire-breathing, female-fronted heavy metal bombshell. Classic, Priest-loving riffs. Powerhouse drummer. Singer who can belt the Halfordian high-notes ... these Canadian head-bangers can't return soon enough for us" – Classic Rock Magazine OF COURSE, capturing the adrenaline-rush of a live show on record is never a straight-ahead task, but with Kevin Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy) acting as producer, along with Julius 'Juice' Butty, the band’s debut album has been put to tape with as much energy & emotion as five musicians can muster in a secured environment, with no unnecessary gimmicks or off-point ideas to weaken the signal. Scheduled for release in August 2012, with video track ‘Welcome To My Funeral’ already out there making its mark, it’s clear that this band is now honed to a fine and dangerous point…. “Touring had a huge influence on us in terms of realizing which direction we wanted the new songs to go in,” says Kobra. “We really wanted to take the live show and capture the spirit of that as best we could. It’s all about the power and the glory, after all!” KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. A new name, a new band, but one built to last… and to stimulate all of the senses along the way.

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