Unreal Overflows

Melodic Death Metal

foto de Unreal Overflows
Unreal Overflows arise when Fran (guitars), Jorge (drums) and Pedro (guitars) took separate ways from their old partners, with the purpose of begin a new musical project. Soon they begin to work in new themes; at the same time they look for new musicians to complete the band formation. At the beginning of 2002, Victor takes on the voices and latter Zoilo join at the bass. In summer of 2003, this line-up, christen Unreal Overflows, recorded in a local studio some of the themes they have been working on. The result: "Point Of A New Departure", a self-financed demo-CD of pure technical Death Metal, which was quickly promoted and distributed among fanzines and record labels by themselves getting more than good feedbacks and also received with great reviews everywhere in the world. By the end of the same year, Victor decides not to continue with his project-mates, leaving the band as a four-piece outfit. The other components of the band decided not to look for other vocalist and Zoilo is who undertake the vocals work. This situation causes a delay in the appearance of the band at the stage. In January of 2004, the band received an offer from Xtreem Music Prod., which was negotiated and accepted for the edition of the debut album in summer of 2005. Until then, the band has continued working in the distribution of the demo and preparing new songs for their debut album. It seems like the bad luck is over the band, since they had to put back several concerts along summer 2004 in response to different problems. In August they received the confirmation of the dates from the SpaceLab Studio to record their debut album in the German studio. Christian Moos and Oliver Philipps did not hesitated in accept the band for recording their album, and they praise in a very positive way the band. Because of unexpected problems with the job of two members of Unreal Overflows (the band were still dogged by ill luck) the recording dates had to be moved from April to autumn, and the release of the debut album was delayed until the beginning of 2006. In October of 2005, Unreal Overflows flew to Moers (Germany) for the recording of their first full length album in the Spacelab Studio. Produced by Christian "Moschus" Moos and Oliver Philipps (Everon, Ancient Rites, Wolverine, Avulsed...) and mastered at MegaWimp Sound at Berlin (Callenish Circle, Avulsed, Resurrected...), and with a first class professional sound, the new upcoming album of the band is the musical continuation of the style defined in their demo that so many positive reviews had received. At the early 2006, the panel of the 18th edition of the international Pop-Rock contest "Villa de Bilbao" selected Unreal Overflows to take part in the second stage of the contest. The band competes with other eleven ones to win the famous European contest. In May of the same year, Xtreem Music put out the first full length album of Unreal Overflows. "Architecture Of Incomprehension" is received with more than goods feedbacks, much above of anyone could expect from a first album. So, the band is focused on the promotion of –according to the reviews- one of the best metal albums of the year with shows over the whole country.

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