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The Unguided is a melodic death metal trio from Falkenberg, Sweden. It consists of former Sonic Syndicate vocalists Richard Sjunnesson (now in Faithful Darkness) and Roland Johansson, as well as current Sonic Syndicate guitarist Roger Sjunnesson. The band was put together following Richard's departure from Sonic Syndicate. He had at first revealed that he is starting a new project with his brother Roger and another person, but his identity was not revealed until 26 November when Richard posted a video on his blog. Formation The band was formed in the end of 2010 when Richard Sjunnesson left Sonic Syndicate because of their musical direction. He wanted to continue making the music he had planned for Sonic Syndicate in the first place, therefore he and also former singer Roland Johansson together with their current guitarist (Roger Sjunnesson) formed The Unguided. Nightmareland (2010-Present) The Unguided are currently writing and recording their debut album due to be released sometime in the second half of 2011, but vocalist Richard Sjunnesson stated that two songs will be released earlier, on April 1 2011.[1] On 9 January 2011, Richard stated in a blog entry that The Unguided's first single is going to be called Nightmareland and released the artwork.[2] The release of Nightmareland was delayed from January until February due to the single being recorded in Pärlby, Sweden in the studio The Abyss, and was later post-pone to April 1st. On January 19th 2011 Jonas Kjellgren (whom previously worked with Sonic Syndicate on several albums) was announced as the producer. It was also announced that the two tracks on the single are titled "Pathfinder" and "Green Eyed Demon".[3] Sjunnesson also stated that he'd been talking with Patric Ulleaus (director of several music videos by Sonic Syndicate) about a photo shoot as well as the possibility for a music video. The label Despotz Records was chosen to release the EP; if it's the same record label that will issue the full length album is still unknown. The release date for the EP was yet another time pushed back from its February release date and was released on April 1st 2011. [edit] Live performance Richard has stated that because of band members own commitments (Roger's commitment to Sonic Syndicate, Richard's commitment to Faithful Darkness and Roland's commitment to family), the band will only tour occasionally (such as festival appearances). Members Name Role Membership Additional Info Richard Sjunnesson Harsh vocals 2010–present Former vocalist for Sonic Syndicate & current vocalist of Faithful Darkness Roland Johansson Lead guitar/clean vocals 2010–present Former vocalist for Sonic Syndicate, Dodge & Inhale Roger Sjunnesson Rhythm guitar/keyboards 2010–present Current guitarist for Sonic Syndicate Discography * Nightmareland (EP) (1st April 2011) The Unguided Origin Falkenberg, Sweden Genres Melodic death metal Years active 2010–present Labels Despotz Records (2011-present) Associated acts Tunes of Silence, Fallen Angels, Sonic Syndicate, Dodge, Faithful Darkness, Hollowcall, Inhale Website www.the-unguided.com Members Richard Sjunnesson Roland Johansson Roger Sjunnesson

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