Hold You Here

This Wild Life

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Cause I know you’ve got a lot on your plate
And class after work lately
And I know you never catch any breaks
And I feel the same way

I’m not at my best now, been feeling stressed out
Obsessive compulsive, pulling my hair out in bunches
Just try to breathe slow, make both of your lungs full
I’ll follow my heart, to be wherever you are

I could just hold you here forever
Hold you here, I’ll never need more
I’ll never need more

Cause I know we both have seen better days
But somehow we still made it
And I hope the sun continues to raise
Like the rent that we’re paying

I’m not at my best now, been feeling stressed out
I’m late on the payment, one bill from ending up bankrupt
We’ll lessen the distance stretched out in between us
I’ll follow my heart to be wherever you are

I’m at my worst without you, full of doubt
A heavy shade of blue
I’m at my best with you, I never knew
What I was missing out
Cause you have me all the way

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    Música - Hold You Here

    Equipe Baixar.mus.br - 16/07/2022

    Hold You Here Música de This Wild Life.

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