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The Beatles

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Rodney Burke: But now John has his work cut out on the next one, as he takes the guitar on and off his neck and pulls the harmonica in and out of his face.
John: Harp, it's a harp.
Rodney Burke: What's a harp?
John: Uh, the harp, I'm playing a harp in this one.
Rodney Burke: Playing a harp?
John: Harmonica I play in Love Me Do, harp in this one. Little.
Rodney Burke: But it goes in...and...out
John: It's a mouth organ, harp.
Rodney Birke: Do you, do you want to do these announcements?
John: Oh, no.
Rodney Burke: Well, go on, you go ahead. No, that's alright.
John: Where's he, where's he going?
Rodney Burke: Tell them, tell them what the next song is.
John: Oh. Uh, we'd like to carry on with Chuck Berry's I Got To Find My Baby you don't know where she's been. Pardon. Hello. Love these goon shows.

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