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Rogue Empire

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The journey has commenced down this golden path
One foot in front of the other, eyes straight ahead and determined
Yet, cognizant of the truth that appears around me
Raising the curtain to let the sun set me free

Everything needed is within, the key to every door
Trust in intuition, awaken your mind's eye to see
The door you must unlock to bathe in the Light
The mystery unraveling. Escaping the darkness

My body is just a vessel to experience this world
My mind is not who I am, moving beyond this physical realm
I am Divine
My ego is lifted as Consciousness takes me over

Sensory perception exceeding explanation
Everything is beyond comprehension, released from the solid dimension
My astral body embarks on it's ascension
Floating through the void, which exists an infinite potential

Love resonates a vibrational energy that will bring us in harmony to our original state
Love releases the frequency of harmony, love is the only truth
Love is true freedom. Spread your light through the void
Raising the curtain, let love set me free
Love sets me free

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