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Formed by Simon J. and Helena, the new-born band always had the clear intention to showcase their conjunction between heaviness and melody that would forge their sound from the very beginning. In december the band debuted with a metal/symphonic version of Skyfall by Adele, obtaining vast approvation from the Youtube community. After a few months, the band released their most viewed cover to date, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion (the famous Titanic love theme), rearranged with heavy guitars, symphonic elements and a breathtaking ending solo that was praised by lots of followers on both youtube and twitter. In May the first official single, Revenge, was released on youtube, showcasing the band true musical direction. Lyrically, Onyria's debut album is based on various themes, ranging from strong and pure feelings such as hate, revenge and love, to introspective and spiritual lyrics. The 10 tracks are driven by a mixture between the aggressive and progressive sound found in modern rock/metal bands and symphonic orchestrations and wide use of classical instruments, piano and gothic choirs, often found in classical music. The debut upcoming album, “Break The Silence", is set to be released on 19/02/2015 . It will contain 10 original songs that are currently being recorded.

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