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Hunter Blair Ambrose is a pop/R&B artist based in New York City. A Manhattan native, Hunter has ignited stages and venues across the Northeast United States since her career kicked off as an undergraduate at Boston's acclaimed Berklee College of Music. Shaped by her beloved home of New York City, 2010s alternative R&B, synth pop, chilling Toronto hip hop, and 1980s bombastic melodies, Hunter has strived to create an atmosphere that is unequivocally hers. Borrowing loving inspiration of cold new-wave R&B beats that are met with soaring vocals accompanied by velvety melisma- she has captured the best of both worlds of the two genres that have defined her life- Pop and R&B. Artists that are referenced in her palette of influences are Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Drake, Jhené Aiko, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson. In 2019, her first two singles, Right Now and November were an exact example of that marriage between synth pop & alt-R&B sensibilities and both saw critical acclaim. That sound was further explored on her 2020 debut EP Scorpio Rising. Her upcoming album, Scorpio Season, is slated for release in 2021. It is described by Hunter as a full case study into “the music that saved my life and breathed life into the pain that I so often couldn’t find the words to express.”

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