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Fredo Viola is an American singer/songwriter and multi-media artist. He was born in London, England, but has resided in the United States for most of his life. He currently lives in Woodstock, NY. He graduated from Tisch Film school at NYU, but has always been most passionate about music. Viola lists some influential artists, such as Shostakovich, Britten, Bartok, Stravinsky and Belle & Sebastian.He had an internet hit on YouTube with "The Sad Song" in 2004. In 2007, he signed with French label Because Music. He released his debut album on December 2008. In late 2007, Fredo devoted his attention to a long series of live to digital performances he called "cluster videos", by releasing one video each month on his website. In late 2008, working in collaboration with a Flash design team in Spain, he released an interactive web site called Aer visual studio, a web site that also serves the function of displaying his new interactive videos. The videos come in unusual shapes (circular, hexagonal) as well as widescreen rectangles, and can be turned during playback.

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