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Founded in 1998 by brothers Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, they produced their first single "Toca Me" with experienced record producer, Ramon Zenker. When it was released the following year, it topped several dance charts around the world, and reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart. In 2000, a mash-up, "Toca's Miracle" was produced, taking the music of Fragma's "Toca Me" and placing the vocals from Coco's 1997 song "I Need A Miracle" over the top, which gained further attention from DJs Pete Tong and Judge Jules. As Fragma and Coco were on the same record label at the time (Positiva), the vocals were rerecorded by Coco and an official release was made, and went straight to number one in the UK chart, as well as in Australia and Ireland. An album was released in 2001; Toca, as well as two other singles; "Everytime You Need Me" (UK number 3 hit), which featured vocals by Maria Rubia, and "You Are Alive" (UK number 4 hit) with vocals by Damae. 2002 saw the Duderstadts set up their own studio, called Evergreen-Terrace. The same year saw Fragma still operating with vocalist Damae, and releasing a second album; Embrace, with hit singles such as "Say That You're Here", "Embrace Me", "Man In The Moon" and "Time And Time Again". Dirk and Marco are also currently working as a duo under their surname Duderstadt. two singles have been released under this name; "Sunrise" and "Taking Over" on Gang Gi Records. A third single, "Mahananda" was released in 2005 on a new Recordlabel called Afterglow Records. Followed by the 4th single Muhanjala in 2006 and 5th Single feat. the Uk Singer Anita Kelsey called "Smile" in 2007. In 2006, Fragma released the new single "Radio Waves" together with Kirsty Hawkshaw. It is not yet known if another studio album will be released under this name. At this stage, it seems that Damae has left the group. Tocastorm was another mash- up made from Darude's "Sandstorm". In late 2007 a remix of Toca Me was released--often mislabeled "Deadmau5 Remix", it is actually the "In Petto 2008 Remix"; Deadmau5 had no connection to it.

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