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Episcopal Holocaust was born from the ashes of APVTH, a Montreal based black/thrash metal band that was founded by Kosta Bayss in 1994. Bayss recorded four demo's under the name APVTH (using Rich on bass and vocals) between 1994 and 1998 and played many stage performances in the late 90's (using an assortment of stage musicians). The band was notoriously known for its extreme lifestyle and for being very difficult to work with, and was not heard from after 2000 until it resurfaced online in 2004 with plans to release a new album. Bayss and Chicoine returned in 2005 with the final album they would ever work on together and played two last shows in 2006 before parting company. Bayss felt too many people were involved in the making of this album and strongly hated everything about it. He decided the music had strayed too far from his original vision, and would continue on alone. Bayss resurfaced in 2010 with the release of 'The Goetic Sessions: Gateways to the Necropolis', in which he did everything himself. This was followed by APVTH's final album, 'The Necropolis', which was released in 2012. While recording ' The Necropolis', Bayss simultaneously recorded Episcopal Holocausts self-titled EP (consisting of four raw tracks) and released on his label, Goetic Records a few months before the release of 'The Necropolis'. Bayss felt Episcopal Holocaust captured the spirit of the early APVTH recordings. Episcopal Holocaust released it's follow-up full length album, 'Northern Tyranny' in 2013 with a remake of 'Pride and Blood in Northern Lands' featuring Tamara Picardo of Urugua's 'Upon Shadows' on vocals and seven other tracks, including a remake of 'With the Might of Satan'.

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