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Cartel de Santa is a Mexican band from the "barrio de la Aurora", Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico. The band started playing in 1996 and actually is composed by Eduardo Davalos de Luna, also known as MC Babo (lead vocals), MC Dharius, Rowan Rabia (beatmaker) and DJ Agustín (only in live shows).[1] They have been referred to as one of the most notable groups of Mexican hip-hop. Cartel de Santa started playing in 1996, when MC Babo and some friends began to sing improvised rap songs. The group became famous in 2003, when the band released its first album which was named with the name of the group. The album includes hits such as "Perros", "Todas mueren por mi" and "La pelotona".[3] This album was produced by Jason Roberts[4] who has also produced works with artists such as Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, House of Pain, Guns N' Roses, Control Machete, and Plastilina Mosh. This fact contributed to the fame of the band. That same year, the group released a video clip of the song "Perros". This video was broadcast across Latin America on MTV.[5] However, the most important album by the band was released one year later, in 2004, named Cartel de Santa, vol. 2, which includes hits as "Blah, blah, blah", "La llamada" and "El arte del engaño".[3] This album counted with other artists, such as Tego Calderón, in "Conexión Puerto Rico", and Mr. Pomel, in "Crónica Babionia". In 2007, Cartel de Santa recorded its third album, named Cartel de Santa, vol. proIIIbido which included the singles "Cheka wey" that also counts with a music video clip, "Hey, si me ven", "Subele a la greibol" and "La ranfla del cartel". A few months later, the lead vocalist MC Babo was arrested for killing a band member. Due to this fact, the group released a compilation album, Cartel de Santa, Greatest Hits, for rising funds and setting the vocalist free. MC Babo was liberated from prison nine months later,[1] after the group paid about 130,000 pesos as bail.[6] In February 2008, the band released its fourth CD. It's songs tells about the months Babo was arrested and the incident which he killed his band fellow, also it's songs tells the fact they won't stop making good music. The first single of this album was "Hay mamita" which also has a music videoclip.[1] In March 2010, El Babo announced on the band's myspace that they will release another album. This five album was released in May 2010, named "Vol. V: Sincopa". This album, like the last one, shows a better quality on the sound and beats, compared to lasts albums. The first singles of this album were "Con el coco rapado" and "Bombos y tarolas"

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