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Above the law

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You see pimpin' is big business
It's been goin' on since a big gang of time
And it's gonna continue straight ahead

So you can call me what you want but I'm a pimp
I give you just enough to please you, but I'll never never simp
Cause nowadays female be plan to roll like how they call top notch
Until they found out what the player is really got
Then awww awww, here comes the philly conversation
They asked me where I'm goin' on my next vacation
Is it with my homies, am I rollin' solo
Or is it at the female, if not in vechile
I said baby if go you know you got to be my freak
I was thinkin' up fly me Key-west, umm, for about a week
It's a range, macks, relax and tax
Then lay out in the sun while you rub my back
To live the lifestyle, the luxury, the freaks, the frills
Ummm, so you would set big deal, to me it's an everyday chill...

You see you friendly conversation is really alright "yeah"
I was rollin' down the coast with a hoe last night
Not the average hoe, I'm talkin' feelin' me on
She was fly, big thighs, oooh maa, but she was technically low
But I owes the hoe
She didn't has much knowledge she was almost at the high school
And on her way to college, a nerdy type hoe
But behind closed doors she keep harasin' the gold
She was a P.O.E.M, up on the hoe, you got me goin' up the wall
You stick your hands in my panties they cold flexin' my balls
Somethin' new and, called around the world
I put my hands behind my head, I said go on girl
You get into it but don't do it
Not the fast, I got the shit set up
So you don't have to go back to class
... missin' around and kissin' you know what to do
I pick you up about 11 and then we Ron De Vu...

Play on baby, how many wanna play
Play on baby, how many wanna play

Now, I got too many honeys but none I treat the same
Some that make me money and some that work the fame
But not too close because they get too comfortable
They come in your wishes, was whom becomes expense
Or approach with the I woe
You know, no hoe, gets no, Dizzno
Yo, you know, chillin' like the Villain
You about to move in heaven
But got problem about the mad him self coooold one eighty seven
They must've heard that I roll with the hoes with the clout
And I'm a bone when it comes to turn bitches out
See there's no wise to play the player while he is playin'
You're trippin' of what I'm sayin'
That's why you steady payin' hoe
You know, I gotta go...

You see, the finally show trick her name was Tusday "ooohh"
I pumped the little trick up all the Wednesday "yeah"
She had a real nigga, his name was Bolo
A straight mega Gs that built to sax solo
So Kilo told me how the bitch was way out scandalous
And trampin' was her job until I let hoe handled this "uha"
Spendin' his dollars on me, the pimp scholar "yeah"
All I had to do is put a dime, make the hoe holla
She thought she had it goin' on, a true fantasy
A fool to juice and gigolo to creep like a G, you see
She told her home girl Karan
Soon a nigga like me, two tramps I was sharin'
They was addicted to the ride and started playin' each other "who"
Givin' up all the info and high I was they lover "damn"
Ballers straight checked the bitch from north to south
Then I explained to the brother about toss ups and cock knowledge "yeah"
There's bitch that's addicted to some dick in her throat
See, you your tramp show that ass then you come up short
So play that game and true niggaz'll stay in it
Peace from A.T.L true mega pimp clinic, cause...

Play on baby, how many wanna play
Play on baby, how many wanna play

You see it's easy to control minds
You see pimpin' is a big business
It's been goin' on since a big gang of time
And it's gonna continue straight ahead
But seems somebody out there don't like what I'm sayin'

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    Música - Playin' Your Game

    Equipe - 16/07/2022

    Playin' Your Game Música de Above the law.

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