Human Imperfection


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This is a goddamn reckoning of a new age
Turn another page from the book, shit will get you shook
Cook you leave you blazed for days
Burning rays, trailing us to a place that we left behind
No way back, just a world full of crack
And feasts with beasts that will eat your mindBehold, all of the potential worker bees
So easily won over by the promises of peace
We will lead from behind a curtain of dimension
Both in the head and of directionAdvert your eyes, beware lights
In skies humans face genocide
Cut the cord, in-slaved with no remorse
Stay on track and keep the coarse
Our reward, as to exist as lord succeeding where failed beforeThis is, a world, betrayed by what’s within it conscious
Doing all the wrong as we watch it burn
Procrastinating waiting for our own turn
What a plan, to mold nations from children up to men
With hidden agendas to steal and kill for oil in IranWhat are our plans to defend
Against the rest of intelligent existence
To think that this is all (your own fault)
Paranoia and escape (from this vault)
With no one listening at all (to your call)
This will be our biggest mistake (let man fall)Mistaking reality for all the things you see
From the changing of all these leaves
To the lines drawn down on the streets
But what’s hidden from your eyes you were never meant to see
Playing to humans demise is our lack of frequencyI hope you take this very seriously
All for nothing repercussions will be so devastating
There’s no escaping, once the reaping begins
All our sins are up for the takingA line has been drawn, a goal has been met
But they haven’t sealed our fate yet
Holding the torch lighting the way for the rest
But they’ll only listen at best
I’ve tried time and time again to make them listen
How long before we protect our own nest
And just say fuck all the rest

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    Música - Human Imperfection

    Equipe - 16/07/2022

    Human Imperfection Música de Abiogene.

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