Gemini Syndrome

foto de Gemini Syndrome
Gemini Syndrome is an Alternative Metal band formed in Los Angeles, California. Led by Ex-Guitarist of the band Otep, Aaron Nortstrom is the frontman of Gemini Syndrome. At the risk of political incorrectness, this "white wizard" is given this name by old friends and new ones because of his white hair and gotee. These five musicians --Aaron, Rich, Mike, AP and Brian—all hail from diverse bands and worlds converged when the guys discovered that the spiritual musings of Aaron melded with Rich, AP and Mikes taste for dark and melodious rhythms. It was when Aaron's fascination for the illuminati and mysticism caught Brian's attention and sealed the unbreakable bond that would then extend between each of the members. They began residing under one roof, to live, sleep, and breathe music together communally as a band in the truest sense. Gemini Syndrome encapsulate both ends of the spectrum. The music is brutal and beautiful. They released their first debut album, Lux, on September 10, 2013 on Warner Bros. Records. Aaron Nordstrom - Lead vocals Mike Salerno - Guitar, vocals Rich Juzwick - Guitar Alessandro Paveri - Bass Brian Steele Medina - Drums

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