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YEAR OF THE GOAT, while recognizing that the 60’s and 70’s saw the birth of true genius within the performance of dark art, aim is to abolish time and make you see it for the illusion it is - sinister gospels with properly dank atmospheres can be created whenever and wherever. Since the release of the laureled mini CD in May 2011 fate has dealt YOG a bad set of cards. Per Broddesson severely injured his left hand a few weeks before the bands debut gig on the 1st of October 2011 in their hometown Norrköping, supporting Graveyard. Per's injury made it impossible for him to play the gig and a replacement had to be called in. Per's injury also affected the time schedule for the recording of the debut album Angels´ Necropolis, and in addition to this friction between members started to gnaw at the band chemistry, resulting in Jonas Matsson leaving in January. The stress fueled search for a new guitarist started immediately and at the beginning of March Don Palmroos received full membership. The beginning of March also saw Mikael Popovic join YOG on mellotron and back ground vocals, a much welcome recruitment which has strengthened YOG immensely. Parallel to, and despite, these events the recording of Angels´ Necropolis rolled on at studio Huvudstaden (Ghost, PG Lost), a studio perfectly suited to YOG's sound preferences, featuring (mostly analogue) equipment that makes for a stunning, true vintage sound. To pave the way for Angels´ Necropolis VAN now releases a two track 7"EP/CD single named This Will Be Mine. The title track, naturally picked from the album, is one catchy straight forward rock song, much in the vein of Of Darkness (found on Lucem Ferre), while the B side consist of the exclusive Missa Niger (latin for Black Mass), an instrumental invocation featuring a channelized chant by Tommie Eriksson of Saturnalia Temple. In these times of global upheaval YEAR OF THE GOAT will add fire to chaos and ignite the branches spread out for Christ by his flock to further the triumphal return of a Lord that never left… So rejoice in sin, every hour and every second is yours and yours only, just like every year is, and always has been, the YEAR OF THE GOAT !

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