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Technical, symphonic and unforgiving. These were the ingredients for beginning of Whorion. Band was formed in 2009 in Helsinki, but it was not till 2013 Whorion saw the daylight. Whorion brings together technical death metal combined with symphonic arrangements. From the beginning of the universe to it’s inevitable end, Whorion takes listeners all the way from the threshold of time were the rulers of universe awaits. Fast and technical nature is balanced with symphonic orchestra arrangements to deliver atmosphere, balance and blink of light were the dead black sun shines. January 17th 2014 Fall Of Atlas is released and took the band on path where there is no return. Few months after release Whorion was already on United Kingdom to spread the word on headline tour. 2015 Whorion will show that new level has been achieved and band is stronger than ever. Full length "The Reign of the 7th Sector" will lead legions towards the unknown.

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