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VEDONIST was formed in May 2002 by brothers Gerhalt (guitar) and Schröder (drums). Ten months later - in February 2003 - the band recorded its first demo called "The First Scream" which met with good perception in underground and which was later released by Polish label OLD TEMPLE (on the split with demo material of thrash metal band Brainwashed). In October 2003 and in May 2004 VEDONIST became a headliner of the two tours in Poland on which was supported by popular in underground bands: Serpentia, NeWBReeD and Naumachia. After some changes in line-up band prepared 8 new songs and in February 2005 started the 200-hours-recording-session of its first full-length album called "Awaking To Immortality" (mastered by Piwkowski who was working on Vader albums). In December 2005 VEDONIST signed a deal with Asian label TRINITY RECORDS HONG KONG which released its debut album in March 2006. Some new changes in line-up took place and in Autumn 2006 VEDONIST - as a headliner again - hit the road with old friends from NeWBReeD and Arathyr on its third Polish tour called "Awaking On The Path Of Rain Tour". At the end of year TRHK sold license to "ATI" to the Polish label DEATH SOLUTION PRODUCTION which added VEDONIST's album to the popular underground magazine - "Mega Sin". Between March and October 2007 VEDONIST recorded in SOPHIRIA STUDIO its second full-length album called "The World Of Reversed Decalogue" which contains 8 songs of technical thrash/death metal and in the lyrical sphere is the concept-album about German concentration camps in Poland. November 2007 brought "Rebel Angels Tour vol. II" on which VEDONIST - along with Crionics and Deathbringer - was supporting Hate and in March 2008 the band was headlining "Reversed Decalogue Tour 2008" which prepared fans for the new album. In October 2008 VEDONIST signed a contract with METALBOLIC RECORDS from USA and a month later went on the second part of “Reversed Decalogue Tour 2008” , this time with Al Sirat, Gortal and Saltus. “The World Of Reversed Decalogue” was finally unleashed at the end of December 2008.

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