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Uneven Structure is a blend of polymetric metal with intricate riffs and large ambiences. As the band members are living in different countries, it gives an atypical richness to the music. Uneven Structure was formed in may 2008 from the willing of Benoit Friedrich and Igor Omodei to get their personal stuff come live. Early on in 2009, Aurélien Pereira joined the band and added his own ambient style to the work; followed by Xavier Lorans for the vocals. After multiple drummers trying the band with no success, Ingemar Schubnel finally became the definitive drummer, adding his own layered style and ideas to the work. Jérôme Colombelli also joined the band at the same time as a rhythmic guitar support. In November 2009 we decided to rerecord several of our songs that we had from previous tracks projects, about which we were not sure whether or not we would have time to release them, given the amount of work requested by our album. Eventually we managed to release it as Daniel "Mynd" Ädel (Vildjartha) lends his voice to our first EP, 8. We are now back at working on Februus, a concept album experimenting with a mix of heavy grooves and a dichotomy of dark and bright melodies. This album is due to release in 2010.

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