Chasm Of Fire


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The dread of what will come of this
With fatal eyes over a sinking world
Staring through death
We suffocate in open air

Floods born of malign englect
Rising as we are still

Reflections of resentment
Of the silent and unflinching beings
Once complicit
It is known
It is treason

The wretched and spineless souls
Dragged through misery
Into the approaching darkness
A void worthy of them
Worthy of the unresigned


Chasm of fire encircled conceited hope
They succumb not alone
But with us dragged beneath

Become the menial
Become the servile
Become the orphan and the abandoned
Become the spectre of the righteous

The Sun will swallow the earth
But only after it has choked before its time
Long before its time

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    Música - Chasm Of Fire

    Equipe - 16/07/2022

    Chasm Of Fire Música de Ulcerate.

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