Abyssal Depths

The Acacia Strain

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No one showed to see
The scraps of who I used to be
Burial at sea
Trust the waves, not the worms to take me
Shipwrecked staring into the abyss
Bid farewell I won't be missed
Bleed in the blackness breathe in the salt
Treading water for no reason at all
Drifting deep without a sound
Hoping I am never found
Answer the call of the grave
The coffin sank below the waves
Pieces pulled apart before they are rotten
Gone before I reach the bottom
Any trace of my existence erased
The coffin sank below the waves

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    Música - Abyssal Depths

    Equipe Baixar.mus.br - 16/07/2022

    Abyssal Depths Música de The Acacia Strain.

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