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Sangre de muerdago is pure raw energy....... music and words inspired by passionate living roaming out of society and civilization...... destroying taboos, destroying fears, into the depths of nature, welcome the unknown, welcome those with a pure heart...... on the road and on the trail, lost in the woods, into the wild, in the endless paths of the soul, just a blanket in the backpack, filled in the way with magic, laughs, moments, tears, hearts..... the wisdom of the old one, the child that doesn't grow...... seek the mysteries, throw the stone, run blindly with no goal, run through the woods, jump the gap, get wet, hug the wolf, howl at the moon, swim the seven seas...... fearless and innocent, criminal and free...... "Folk of the woods and the rain, long fingerpicking-arpeggio and melancholic melodies with deep lyrics rooted in nature calling up mythic and fresh old times of the ancient" - A Central Folque "Folk das fragas e da choiva, longos arpexios e lánguidas melodías con fondas líricas enraizadas na natureza que evocan a frescura clásica e mítica do enxebre." -A Central Folque “SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is true at heart and ageless. It stands to represent life among the wilderness, life outside of the modern chains of capitalism and working yourself to death. This music represents the true soul of humanity before it becomes filled with all of the lies of modern society. It represents our true identity as a species. What we were, what we should be, and what we could still be. It’s enough to fill one with an overwhelming, though unintended sadness at the current state of the world. It also fills you with a pride that we are capable of creating such beauty as that which is found in Sangre de Muerdago’s music. The incredible song-writing cannot be understated.” – Heathenharvest Periodical

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