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Rachelle Spring was born to a musical family and has been regularly performing and working with music since the age of two. At the age of 16 she began recording in professional studios for different national and international projects. She has participated in several bands and worked with various styles of music, some which range from pop to rock, from blues to country, and from jazz to bossa nova. During her 27 years of life musical projects have never failed to come across her path. She has performed many times on TV, radio, and has filmed several music videos (some of which you can find on youtube and on the internet) “I grew up with my dad learning a new instrument every so often” remembers Rachelle, “so to me, it was never a big deal to just pick up an instrument and learn to play it by ear. But I have to confess that singing has always been my niche.” In her early 20’s she learned by ear how to play the violin and even used it in some of her, at the time current projects, recordings and bands. But it didn’t last long, soon after she found her passion in the cello. “It was love at first sight!” She recalls. “I don’t think I will ever go back to the violin. The violin was just a stepping stone towards my real love, the cello!” She has since been using the cello as well in some recordings, music videos and band projects. Rachelle Spring has been currently working with Bossa Nova, as an international recording artist for Albatroz studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When asked to describe what music means to her this is what she said: “Music has always been my greatest passion, and an integral part of my life. Not working with music was never an option to me and has never crossed my mind. Music is the only language that all can understand and communicate through regardless your upbringing and nationality. It unifies and connects all human beings in this planet.” There are some links on youtube where you can watch Rachelle Spring sing live, ("Little Rock-Curitiba") and a music video that was filmed last year "Life is Kind-Desejo Meu" which also ended up on Faustao this year:

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