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Psyclon Nine is a musical group formed in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. While their early efforts are generally categorized as aggrotech, their more recent material has incorporated a disparate set of influences, notably black metal, creating a more unique and inventive output but remaining reasonably under the umbrella of industrial music. Psyclon Nine began in 2000 when Nero Bellum (then using the name Marshall Carnage) and Josef Heresy began working on a guitar-oriented industrial project called "Defkon Sodomy", influenced by bands like KMFDM and Ministry. As the project became more cohesive, it veered strongly in to the realm of aggrotech, influenced heavily by albums like Suicide Commando's Mindstrip. They played two small but successful local shows. The first was opening for Castro Valley act CompostFilter. The second show (and first using the name "Psyclon Nine") was a small festival headlined by See Colin Slash, whose frontman, Eric Gottesman, was promptly recruited as the band's third member. Current members Nero Bellum − vocals (2000−present) Filip Abbey (AbbeyNex) − bass/guitar (2005−2007 as drummer, 2007−present as bassist) Daniel Fox − drums (2007−present) Sevin - Synth (2006-present)

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