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foto de Protomartyr

Protomartyr is an American post-punk band formed in in 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. It features Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar. Prior to Protomartyr, Greg Ahee and Alex Leonard were performing as a duo, which was named Butt Babies. They were soon joined by Joe Casey, who started to perform on vocals at Butt Babies shows. Kevin Boyer of Tvyek joined Protomartyr on bass and second guitar for a short time before leaving the act due to the working schedules with his other band. As Scott Davidson joined the band on bass, Butt Babies transformed into Protomartyr. The band released their debut album, No Passion All Technique in 2012 via Urinal Cake Records. This was followed by "Colpi Proibiti" in the same year, via X! Records. Their sophomore studio album, Under Color of Official Right, will be released on April 8, 2014 via Hardly Art record label. The band has extensively toured in the United States and performed at SXSW festival in 2014.

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