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Members: Jeff Schneeweis, Ben Tietz, Trevor Sellers, Jordan Mallory Hometown: Chico, CA Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records Biography: In 2008, Number One Gun entered uncharted territory as the band transitioned into a solo project with leader Jeff Schneeweis. Speculation rose if this would be an end or a fresh beginning. After two years, Number One Gun is ready to continue with the forthcoming release To The Secrets & Knowledge, which gives the listener a creative, talent-filled album. As a full-time producer in his hometown of Chico, California, Schneeweis recorded this album in between other projects such as Secret & Whisper, Hawthorn Heights, Esterlyn and indie band Brighten. This spontaneous writing and recording process resulted in a eclectic collection of songs with a running theme of finding hidden treasures in each of us. The debut single, “Forest,” was written with his two-year-old daughter in mind and what she will encounter when she begins school. Excitement, the fear of the unknown, and the bigness of life are feelings one has when starting a new adventure or charting unknown territory. I’ve gotta figure out why the world is so big / I’ve gone way way out way out of bounds / I’ll do anything, tell me how. “I did this record for me," shares Schneeweis. "I wanted to push myself musically and on the production side of things. Because I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do with this album, I’m open to seeing what the listeners will walk away with. I hope it inspires something within themselves.” To The Secrets & Knowledge releases on Tooth & Nail Records on January 26, 2010. Links:

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