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New World Revolution is a multimedia organization based in Los Angeles with an artistic mission of propagating survival information for the new millennium. The front of the organization manifests as an alternative space rock group. Wall-of-sound fuzz guitars meet electronic production. Danceable beats and psychedelic sonic layers carry futuristic lyrical messages, kick-starting the listener into experiencing realms that lie beyond the visible. Led and produced by Austrian native h3rwig Maurer (a.k.a. Agent H), the charismatic Venice Beach-based multi-media artist, whose eclectic career continues to morph and transform across a wide range of territories. Recent accomplishments include an Academy Award nomination for his sound design work on Mel Gibson’s epic Apocalypto, a nomination for Best Original Score on the Fuel TV road flick Zen & Zero in Park City/X-Dance, his original photography being showcased alongside works of Dennis Hopper, Picasso, Basquiat and Yoko-Ono at Lladro Gallery in Beverly Hills, and the portraits of his peer Daniel Pinchbeck (hailed as the modern day Timothy Leary by Rolling Stone Magazine) for his recent book “2012 – Return of Quetzalcoatl”.

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