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After several musical events linked to the international scene and media, Greg (guitars/samples/production), Did (bass/samples) and Tom (vocals) formed NEOSIS. They soon would be joined by Seb (drums) who brings the missing element to this entity. NEOSIS is an acronym which literally means New Evolution Of Society Influenced by Scientism. It's a conceptualized vision of a futuristic society in which humanity is scientifically organized. A society within which scientific methods take the place of social sciences and humanities, going as far as becoming the substitute for philosophy in order to solve ethical or moral issues. In this civilization, science holds the key to all the ills that mankind suffers from, whether they are economical, political or social. NEOSIS's music is intended to be innovative, therefore futuristic in a way. It can be described as a polyrhythmic metal and electronic atmospheres alloy of a rare intensity. The whole completed by a rich palette of screamed and clean vocals which gives this fusion a color, an emotion and a unique energy of its own. The extremely conceptual ideas that emerge from this name are strongly inspiring for both the instrumental composition and the texts creation. However, the themes tackled are very varied and the diversity of the band members' musical influences contributes to the richness of their work.

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