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MERLOTTE, in a few words, is a band where 5 apparently normal people, get together to play what they love to listen to most: J-Rock (Japanese Rock). A lot of people think that, because this music comes from Japan, we’re just “a band that plays anime music”, and yes, they would be a little bit right, because it has been anime and videogames that have brought us closer to the world of J-Music in general and has grown in us the desire and the dream to become a great band. All of those series and games have made us fans of J-Rock, and it’s because of this, that we’ve started jumping in concerts, buying CDs, getting excited about a new video and feeling that we weren’t the same after a new song; all of this is what we want to give back to our audience, a small dose of what we call “The J Experience”. All in all, we believe that it’s not been by chance that such different people have gotten together and have been working hard every day since the band’s start in 2008. It is because we all feel that we owe something to the world and we’re here to give it back; it’s not only that we can be musicians, it’s that we want and we feel that this is what we’re here for. LINKS:

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