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Zack de la Rocha began Inside Out in August of 1988, when he decided he wanted to sing in a band (rather than play Guitar, as he had been doing in Hardstance). Teaming up with Rob Hayworth (also of Hardstance) on Guitar, Sterling Wilson (of No For An Answer) on Bass, and Vadim (of Half Off) on Drums, Zack wrote several songs and played one or two shows. The response, however, was not enthusiastic, and Zack put the band on hold. In mid 1989 Vic DiCara moved to SoCal. Chris Bratton, acting on a tip from Tom Capone of Beyond, contacted Vic to play in a band he had put together for Dave Smalley (best known as the singer of DYS, Dag Nasty, All, and Down By Law). Dave actually came down and sang with the band, but soon felt he wanted to distance himself from Dag Nasty at that time (he then formed Down By Law). But a member of that band, Alex Baretto (Best known as bassist for Chain of Strength and who had also been playing drums with Zack in Hardstance) got the inspiration to reanimate Inside Out - fusing Zack and Sterling from the original line up, with himself on drums and Vic on guitar. The resulting pool of emotional and spiritual energy, chemistry, and artistry was amazing. Together they belted out great new songs, the first of which was "No Spiritual Surrender" - which Vic had written the basic music and lyrics to. Playing their first show in a Riverside restaurant called "Spanky's Cafe" the response from the Hardcore scene was immense, and a huge wave of excitement spread throughout the American and International Hardcore scenes. Chris Bratton in Inside Out @ the Che Cafe in San Diego - 1989 (pic: Victor L. DiCara) Some personal issues led Sterling to leave the band. He was replaced with Mark Hayworth (Rob's brother, best known as a bassist for Gorilla Biscuits and Hardstance), while some similar issues with Alex Baretto led to him being replaced by Chris Bratton (best known as the drummer for Wool and Chain of Strength). Though the leaving members were truly missed, these line up changes did not slow the band down a bit, and the new chemistry of the members upped the ampage. Early in 1990, Inside Out recorded 6 songs, which were quickly picked up by Revelation Records, which they released about a year later as the "No Spiritual Surrender" EP. Having played the west coast extensively, Inside Out now embarked on a US Tour with Shelter and Quicksand. The shows were awesome, but something else was brewing. Vic's interests in spirituality - rooted in the later days of Beyond, and fueled by his ardent love for the music and messages of the Bad Brains, the Cro-Mags, and Reggae music - though in large part a source of Inside Out's intensity, ironically threatened to end the chemistry of Inside Out before it could really blossom. On the heavily Krishna saturated tour, Shelter's singer and the Hare Krishna ambassador to Hardcore, Ray Cappo (singer of Youth of Today and Shelter), assured Vic that he should quit Inside Out to become a full-on Hare Krishna initiate... and join Ray's own band, Shelter. At the end of June, 1990, Just before their show, Ray & Vic entered a backstage room at the "Vic Theatre" in Chicago, where Vic told Zack and Mark that he had decided he would leave the band at the end of the tour to become a Hindu Monk (and, of course, to play Guitar in Shelter). Dismayed, Zack and Mark attempted to continue the band, and were able to write a few more great songs, but the particular chemistry that was Inside Out was no more. Zack dissolved the band around August of 1988, and took his ideas and inspirations forward to form the band he is now best known for: Rage Against The Machine. Song List In chronological order: 1. Fight For Life* 2. Lost Cause* 3. Unbroken* 4. Nowhere to Turn* 5. Burning Fight 6. Just Like You* 7. Redemption 8. No Spiritual Surrender 9. By A Thread 10. Undertone 11. Sacrifice 12. Blind Oppressor* 13. Land of the Lost* 14. Empty Days* 15. Relapse* 16. Turn and Face* 17. Deathbed* 18. Darkness of Greed* 19. Rage Against The Machine* * Unrecorded

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