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In My Eyes was a Boston straight edge band that spearheaded the 1997 youth crew revival along with Ten Yard Fight, Bane, The Trust, Fastbreak and Floorpunch. The band and its members were a part of the hot bed that was the Boston music scene in the late 90's and early 2000s. Members of the band also played in The Explosion, Fastbreak, and Panic. In My Eyes played their last show in October 2000, commemorating the second . The band was named after the Minor Threat song. Members "Sweet" Pete Maher - Vocals Damian Genuardi - Bass Luke Garro - Drums Neal St. Clair - Guitar Anthony Pappalardo - Guitar Jeff Neuman - Guitar (for the Nothing To Hide LP only) Discography Albums The Difference Between - Revelation Records 1998 Nothing To Hide - Revelation Records 2000

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