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Imago Mortis is a Heavy Metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (It can also be an Italian Black Metal band) About Brazilian: Imago Mortis' music style, entitled Heavy-Doom-Phylosophy, is highly inspired by death and existencial philosophy. The whole concept starts from the perception that comprehending men's mortality as that being the key to a meaningful life. That theeme is aproached not only with a personal vision from the musicians, but also with elements from mythology, art and religion and the musicality care when it comes to riffs and melodies in the songs. The band started in 1995 with the demo tape RÉQUIEM, and being baptized with the latin expression that means "Image from Death". The band's logo uses a stylized the symbol of Pluto, the Lord of Death and Oblivion in roman mythology and the planet that represents death in astrology. Also, the Cabalistic Number for Imago Mortis is 13, which is the number of death. In 1998, Imago Mortis releases the album IMAGES FROM THE SHADY GALLERY (Megahard Records), well acclaimed in the musical press as one of the best national releases. This work is marked by the contrasts of sad and dark melodies and a more aggressive and direct appeal. In 2001 the band participated in the CD: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S HAMLET, released by Die Hard Records. Imago Mortis composed and recorded the track Prayers in the Wind. VIDA, The Play of Change is the title of the album released in 2002 (Die Hard Records) that consolidated the presence of Imago Mortis in the worldwide heavy metal scenery, being well acclaimed by fans and the press in Brazil and Europe. The album VIDA tells the story of a person who discovers to be sick from a disease called vida (which is the portuguese word for "life"). The listener is invited to experience this persons encounter with death. VIDA was based upon studies and interviews realized with terminal patients, as well as in many philosophical and artistic works about the theme. The CD includes also a multimedia track, The Play of Change, a game of oracles based on I Ching, the millenary book of change. 2006, as the play of change keeps going on, Imago Mortis is releasing the album TRANSCENDENTAL, after a whole year of composing and arranging songs. The album is related to, but not a sequel to, VIDA, and explores the thematic of the afterlife in various aspects and visions. The album has 11 tracks and a bonus track, which is a remake of the song Bring Out Your Dead, from the first album. The idea on the approach of the thematic is still the same, based on philosophical, artistic and religious visions of the afterlife. The album, though, is not a story-type one like VIDA, and also includes songs about some other themes related to lifes relation with the afterlife. The music keeps showing its originality, with and emphasis on the contrasts between doom/sad melodies, traditional heavy riffs and aggressive thrash parts. As a new element, the album also brings the climax of abstract atmospheres and calm melodies in some of the songs, leading the listener to all kinds of emotions along the album. From the beauty of Searching For a Touch of Divinity, through the evilness in Into the Void and the extreme rage in Sangue e Dor (translated to Blood and Pain), to the gloriousness of Sea of Uncertainty and the emotional peace in the last track, Transcendental.

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