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They fight dragons. (from www.ifightdragons.com) Respectives Members: - Bill Prokopow Vocals, Keys, NES, NES Advantage, Power Pad, Power Glove, NES Zapper - Laura Grene Vocals, NES, NES Advantage, Power Pad CowBell - Dave Midell Drums, NES - Brian Mezzaferri Lead Vocals, Guitar, NES - Hari Rao Bass, NES - Mike Mentzer Vocals, Guitar, NES, SNES (He has decided to leave I Fight Dragons to pursues other ventures, including his solo career.) Formed at 2009 I Fight Dragons is Chicago's finest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. They have very detailed delusions of grandeur, most of which include gross misuses of Nintendo products in combination with music in the Popular Rock genre. This February, they sold out Chicago's Elbo Room as they released their debut EP, "Cool Is Just A Number." They use a talking computer a lot, or possibly a talking computer uses them a lot. They were selected as the Best new Chicago band for 2009 by Metromix. There are several TVs at all of their shows, occasionally showing people playing videogame versions of their songs, while the band plays the songs live on videogame controllers, and everyones' heads explode. They're also playing a date on this year's Warped Tour. They tend to release free music to their (over 2500 subscriber) email list every couple weeks. "I FIGHT DRAGONS is a High-Def concert experience influenced by an 8-bit video game dream world. They are both an audio and visual powerhouse to have at the club" -Brian Bender, Elbo Room Chicago Talent Buyer/General Manager “I Fight Dragons’ EP, “Cool is Just a Number,” offers such catchy hooks that “irresistible” feels like an understatement.” -Metromix.com

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