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French metal experimentalists HYPNO5E create a brutal and unique style that can truly be called the future of metal. Mixing ambient metal and video concept, the genius within HYPNO5E shows an all around approach to the arts, musically and visually. Playing many characters at its finest, HYPNO5E’s signature sound paints the picture with such textures and color, displaying incomparable musicianship and creativity. In relation to the music, HYPNO5E’s live performance consists of detailed scenery and effects, where lighting, positioning, and the raw power and energy of the band showcase an unforgettable night. After touring extensively over European territory, HYPNO5E has built their reputation up for their first North American and Canadian tour. HYPNO5E’s breathtaking brutality and sound hypnosis can be labeled both progressive and epic, blending all metal styles with open minded perfection. The future is HYPNO5E.

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