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https://soundcloud.com/harryhudsonmusic http://www.harryhudsonmusic.com/ "At the height of my budding career as an aspiring singer and songwriter came the lowest point of my young life. A debut single sitting atop the chart on Hype Machine; the brink of being signed by a major record label; and then the ominous feeling that something wasn’t physically right with me. Late-stage-three Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was the diagnosis. The prognosis was devastating and the timing was just plain cruel but this wasn’t going to be my time. This wasn’t how I was going out. That grapefruit-sized tumor the doctors found in my chest? I’d will it away. Seven months and twelve grueling sessions of chemotherapy later, and I was officially cancer free. Going through something as serious and life threatening as this, you learn the importance of perspective. I still had my family and loyal friends. I still had my music. And for me, that was enough. When you’re physically weak you’ve got to be mentally strong. When things are so bad that all you can do is laugh, you laugh until you’re blue in the face, you laugh until you’re out of breath and then you stare misfortune in the face and laugh some more. So I stand here now, stronger than ever before, as a voice for all the people who can’t speak for themselves. I write and I sing and I make music that seeks to inspire people to focus on the positive. To beat whatever it is you’re battling; you’ve got to understand that negativity is the most potent poison of all. Tune out all the noise and make some of your own. Pour every ounce of energy into what you know and what you love and never stop. My name is Harry Hudson and for the second time in my life, I’m just getting started. My debut EP: The Treatment (A-Side), was released on February 3rd. It is the first of two projects to be released this year. It’s great to be back. 'I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams.' - H.H."

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