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Producer, beatmaker and handyman from Paris, exiled in the Balearic Islands since May 6, 2007. I discovered music with my dear mother who had the good idea to reward me for my good grades and good behavior by offering me 7 inches. That just made me a vinyl addict...! Very soon captivated by hip-hop, I went to New York in 1989 for an initiatic journey ... then London where I saw some memorable concerts ... And from then on I dreamed of becoming a DJ and soon after beatmaker. Equiped with an Atari 520 ST, a Ensoniq EPS, an SP-1200, everything seriously begun in 1990 with the creation of Alliance Ethnik. 2 albums, "simple and funky" and "Fat comeback", 3 crossovers and a good bunch of beautifull concerts. It was an opportunity to work and collaborate with De La Soul, Rahzel from The Roots, Common, Vinia Mojica, Biz Markie and my absolute master, Bob Power. In the early 2000, I collaborated with Kif Records and composed for various French artists such as Big Red, Svinkels, Passi, Les Rieurs, Sages Po .. The Big Red album "Raggamuffin Culture" sent me to Jamaica to experience an indescribable culture and offered me the possibillity to work with Anthony B, Michael Rose, Sasha and Sugar Minott. My first solo album "Guts Blessed" was released in 2007 with Wax On Records label of Nightmares On Wax, giving me an international visibility , especially thanks to the title "And The Living Is Easy". My second album "Freedom" comes out in 2009, totally self-produced. I created on the same ocasion the Pura Vida Music label, in collaboration with the artist Mambo. The realese of the "Rage Against My Computer" Ep in 2011 is a collaboration beetween Pura Vida Music and Still Muzik. The third solo album is cooking, still based with MPC-4000 and SP-1200 sauce ... "A Paradise for All!"

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