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Gummy (거미, born April 8, 1981 / Birth name: Park Jee-Yeon, 박지연) is a South Korean R&B female singer. She debuted in 2003 with her album Like Them. Due to the success of other labelmates, it was not until the release of her second album It's Different that she began to see success. She released her fourth album titled Comfort on March 12, 2008, and it is her first released in three years. The album was postponed several times because Gummy wanted to release a high-quality album that showed her growth as an artist. The lead single "I'm Sorry" (미안해요) features T.O.P from Big Bang; he is also featured in the music video, along with Sandara Park. Within a week after its release, the song became a mild success on various digital charts

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