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foto de Flowsik

Pak Dae Sik(플로우식), better know as Flowsik; born April 5, 1985 is a Korean American emcee from New York and a rapper active in the underground hip-hop scene. He was the rapper of Aziatix. He has made appearances as a host and performer on MTV-K (MTV Korea) and Kollaboration NYC. He has performed on numerous compilations and released a number of his own mixtapes. His talents are recognized by many in the circle including Hip-Hop pioneer Ice-T whom he recorded with for the song "Hate". Flowsik started composing when he was 15 and has always looked up to some of the greatest in rap music like Tupac, whose depth and ability to express his thoughts freely through his music has always served as an inspiration to Flowsik. He has worked with other artists such as rapper Ice-T (with whom he recorded "Hate") and K-Pop group JYJ. He was also mentored and co-signed by Ice-T. He was a contestant on Show Me The Money 5, and received a lot of praise and attention for the public and judges.

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