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foto de Fingertips

The Fingertips are one of the most popular Portuguese bands at present. They launched their debut album in 2003 and achieved first place on radio airplay for the single “Melancholic Ballad”. This was followed up with two more releases (2006 & 2007) which saw the band repeating their success with top radio airplay once again. The band has a loyal fan base and has supported the likes of Nelly Furtado, Queen, George Michael, The Corrs, etc.. In 2010 the band set a new course and went in search of a new vocalist. Out of hundreds of candidates Joana Gomes was chosen to be the new voice of the band. With the arrival of Joana the band finalised a few ideas they had been working on in the studio and launched the single “Simple Words”. “Simple Words” is the first recording by The Fingertips with Joana Gomes as the new vocalist making her mark with a new intense and melodic sound for the band. The song is co written by songwriters/producers Rui Saraiva and Helder Matos who were the foundation of the previous works by the band. They are joined by the arrival of Virgilio Fino the new lyricist who was born in London but has Portuguese roots. “Simple Words” is a ballad with Joana’s sweet sensual vocal tones complimenting a melodic piano melody. The guitar solo brings back memories of past decades and cuts through the overwhelmingly delicate chorus passionately. It is a song for all people who feel a swirl of emotions in life and one to be listened to again and again. On the 30th May the Fingertips took to the stage at Rock in Rio, Lisbon. This date marked the start of a new era for the band and will stay forever in its memory as it was the first concert with Joana the new vocalist. Joining them were two special guests, guitarist Alexandre Almeida who had already collaborated in the studio with the Fingertips in 2003 and Brazilian musician/vocalist Zé Ricardo who joined Joana in a duet for the performance of the bands first single “Simple Words”. The heart and soul of the Fingertips returned once again at Rock in Rio. The band has been recording new songs in the studio since September. These original songs are to be showcased in the near future.

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