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foto de Faderhead

Faderhead is a German electronic music producer from Hamburg, Germany. After releasing the track "The Protagonist" as a one-off compilation entry on the Advanced Electronics Vol. 3, Faderhead received a deal with Accession Records/Indigo to release his debut album FH1 in 2006. Positive reviews made FH1 an instant debut-success with standout tracks like "The Protagonist", "Vanish" and "O/H Scavenger". The year progressed and saw Faderhead play shows alongside bands like Diary Of Dreams, SITD, Painbastard and others. 2007 saw the release of the FH2 CD which featured the club hit "Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois". Faderhead released a music video for the track "Girly Show" and played festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany) and Infest (UK) among other shows. 2008 started with the departure from Accession Records and the signing to L-Tracks Recordings. This decision led to serious speculation[5] regarding the future of Faderhead by press and fans, but the free song/video release of the pianoballad "Exit Ghost" revealed that the project would continue. Only a few months later the club-anthem "TZDV" was released, and on October 10, the highly-anticipated FH3 album was released and again gathered top reviews from media and fans alike - FH3's darker mood and more aggressive tones showing once again an evolution from the previous recordings. In 2009 Faderhead played the M'era Luna Festival (Germany), the Exit Festival (Serbia) as well as shows in Holland, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium and Mexico. In October 2009 Faderhead released the "Horizon Born"-EP, which was very well received, despite featuring 5 ballads - which was a stylistic departure from his well-known club music. Faderhead's live shows are currently supported by either Marco Visconti (XP8) or Daniel and Joe Meyer (Project SAM) on keyboards and backing vocals. The Hamburg producer/vocalist uses different musicians for live backings and so far has played with Alex Montana (drums/percussion) and Christine LaGivrée, Dr. T, Shaolyn, Chandler XL, Judith Dorn and Shawn Mierez.

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