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Birmingham, AL progressive metalcore band Erra,formed in the winter if 2009. First rooted by Garrison Lee (screams) and Jesse Cash (vocals/guitar) in the attempts to re-live a style once defined by frontrunners Misery Signals, they would soon find a place for close friends Alex Ballew (drums) and Adam Hicks (bass). Alan Rigdon (guitars) was welcomed into the band as they sought out a second local guitar player, and stumbled upon his personal music page via MySpace. The band as a whole decided to bring their melodic metalcore to a level that satisfied everyone’s individual tastes without chaotically convoluting a mess of mismatched sound. After much writing,practice, and two self-established releases, they’re now confident they’ve done exactly that. As far as intentions go for the group, they all established the ambition of being in career touring bands directly out of high school. With their current progress, this intention has yet to change, and has made them all the wiser about what it takes to make this goal a reality for Erra. Confidence, maturity, modesty, hard-work, and keeping a level head has allowed them to continue to see eye to eye and move forward in this difficult and competitiveenvironment. Their new record “Impulse” and first label-release (through Tragic Hero Records), looks to embrace a broad audience that they once overlooked in their attempts to showcase creativity, talent, and performance. While their hearts are still ever present in the writing styles of MiserySignals and Between the Buried and Me, they wanted to challenge themselves with the task of reaching the minds of those who enjoy bands like The Devil WearsPrada, The Ghost Inside, Meshuggah and Saosin. The goal was to find a hearty balance between the catchy melodic and the technically progressive, and neither water down any instance of balancing heavy dominance with melodic ambience. Erra hopes their sound caters to everyone in some form or fashion, and intends to bring a product that will have replay value in the years to come.

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