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Melodic Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock - United Kingdom NIKOLA MIJIC (Vocals) THORSTEN KOEHNE (Guitar) PAUL LOGUE (Bass) PETE NEWDECK (Drums) STEVE WILLIAMS (Keys) Álbuns Eden's Curse (CD - 2007) Seven Deadly Sins - The Acoustic Sessions (EP - 2008) The Second Coming (CD - 2008) Condemned to Burn (EP - 2009) Trinity (CD - 2011) Symphony of Sin (CD - 2013) In late August 2007 the Rock and Metal world witnessed the birth of Eden's Curse, a multi-national Melodic Metal group with its members spanning four countries and two continents. Formed in January 2006 by chief songwriter and Bassist, Scotsman Paul Logue (David Readman / Cry Havoc) and United States born and bred Vocalist Michael Eden (Seven Ten), these two musicians hatched a plan to form a group utilizing the wonders of modern technology and in particular the world wide web. Armed with nothing but passion, spirit and an uncompromising batch of hyper rock songs they found German guitar virtuoso Thorsten Koehne (Code Of Perfection / Demon Drive / Attack) and English Drummer Pete Newdeck (Steve Grimmett Band / Paul Dianno’s Killers / Lionsheart / The Shock), before experienced German keyboard player Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell / Rough Silk / Therion / Taraxacum / Uli Jon Roth) completed the line-up in June 2006. With heavy weights such as Pink Cream 69 and Unisonic bassist Dennis Ward (Angra / Krokus / House Of Lords / Michael Kiske / Russell Allen & Jorn Lande) secured at the production helm and band colleague David Readman (Pink Cream 69 / Voodoo Circle / Adagio), as well as Doogie White (Rainbow / Yngwie Malmsteen / Cornerstone / Empire / Tank) and Carsten Schulz (Evidence One / Roger Staffalbach’s Angel Of Eden / Midnite Club / Domain) on backing vocals, in their corner, the group signed to AFM Records (Europe), Metal Mayhem Music (USA), Spiritual Beast (Japan) and Dynamo Records (Brazil) and their debut album not only burst but more like exploded onto the scene in late August 2007 to critical acclaim. The group faired extremely well in the 2007 end of year votes throughout the global Rock & Metal press with the highlights being voted Best Newcomer of 2007 by the Readers of RockUnited.Com, Best Metal/Prog Album 2007 by MelodicRock.com and Thorsten Koehne being awarded Guitarist of the Year 2007, also by MelodicRock.com. In June 2008 the band released a limited edition rare E.P. "Seven Deadly Sins – The Acoustic Sessions" via their US label Metal Mayhem Music. Featuring seven renditions of tracks from the acclaimed debut in a laid back MTV-Unplugged type setting. In August 2008 Eden's Curse made a triumphant, yet unexpected, return with their sophomore release "The Second Coming". Once again mixed by Dennis Ward, the band truly "upped the ante" in terms of song writing, performances and production. With guest appearances from Tony Harnell (TNT) and Pamela Moore, best known for her performance as Sister Mary on the 1988 worldwide smash hit Operation: Mindcrime by Queensrÿche, "The Second Coming" was seen by many to be a real stepping stone for the band that built upon the foundations laid by the debut. The sheer strength of the album had many in the industry claiming the arrival of Eden's Curse as force truly to be reckoned with! The power metal anthem "Angels & Demons", where Michael Eden duets with the sultry Pamela Moore, became an internet smash hit which reached over 230,000 unique plays on the bands MySpace page and received even more lavish praise and airplay from Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson on his BBC Radio Friday Rock Show.

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