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Yeah, think I'm gonna go in though

"I’ve wrestled with alligators
I’ve tussled with a whale
I done handcuffed lightning
And throw thunder in jail
You know I’m bad
Just last week, I murdered a rock
Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick."

Yeah, lets go
Dillon, Cooper, Rad

Reality is kicking in heaven
Kareem Abdul-Jabar this game of death is full of tricks
And I ain't talking Tony Hawk
You're gonna win, you're gonna lose love
Find it out the hard way
We move on and your phone ring
And you realize it's your heart stay
Lover, I had missed you
Where the hell you been at
Called you in the summer just to see where you gon' be at
And then I get this pain
Make me fall down to my knees
And I'm begging and I plead
Won't you help me then I woke up
Up to this bed room
Now I'm looking out this window
Looking in the sky, thought that I just saw a super hero
But that shit is just mystical
Ludacris is crazy, kinda like how my ex-girlfriend from 10th grade just had a baby
Guess I lucked out
That could have been me yo
I pray to god I strapped up
Cause that pussy is a demon
Bitch is scheming
Now you trapped up
Looking back at it I escaped yeah
Looking in my future times is rough but Im'ma stay there

Stay yeah, hallelujah
Pray yeah, speaking from my soul this is real Im'ma make it
Everyday I wake up, looking out this window and I wonder why
I wonder why I'm even here yo but it's clear yo, hey
1 for money, 2 for the show
3 for my niggas who ain't make it out the door
But you know
This shit is real boy
And you know, yeah
That we here boy

When I look up in that mirror see that face is staring back
Sometimes I tend to get the feeling that he telling me I'm wack
Now I'm questioning myself, kinda like my biggest critic
Fuck it I quit it, who am I kidding
Shit is depression what is a lesson
I'm supposed to learn
School ain't never been my thing, clever boy
Academic probation is my life story, hella joy
When I pay them loans babe
And when I'm in the magazines
This gonna *** honor every degree
I wash my face up, clean the negativity
And it appears to be so clear now I got energy
Forgiving all my enemies
Fame, fortune, bitches flashing titties
In every city and I'm taking niggas with me all the time
Been on my grind since I ever stepped into those roller blades
Made mistakes, but I'm gon' have my glory days
Amazing with my excellence, heaven sent
Yes I'm on a mission against myself
That's the only way I'm gonna beat the competition boy

Bottle poppin', poppin' bottles
That's what Im'ma do tonight
Roll it with the baddest bitches gonna make me feel alright
Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah, fucking right
Only self since '92, feeling like I'm Drizzy right
Well alright, huh, educated so you best be smart boy
Elevated to infinity and beyond, boy
No Toy Story but I had a fucking light year
I spit legit, I spit that shit your whole life fear
What you doing, how you been is what they saying now
But what's the reason, is it cause I'm getting paid how
Funny money talks in a lot of different languages
But I say fuck you, yeah my nigga getting arrogant
It's been so long, I've been waiting for it
Anticipating so much I'm shaking but I'm good though
You know I do it for my nigga Cozmik up above yes indeed
Barely using money and roller blades is all I need
So I say yeah, hallelujah
Cause I'm about to blow
Never stopping until I'm napping a my funeral
I want this shit even more than I craved before
When I get it I swear I'm committed
I swear all these demons gonna leave me alone
Impossible is nothing so you know we on now
I'm a Giant just scoring game winning touchdowns
If Hov's the greatest then I guess I'll come in number 2
But not for long cause Im'ma show these niggas how I do

I said it's gonna be a hell of a night
Haha, shout out my nigga Cole
It's that Cole World

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