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Celeste is a French band from Lyon. The band was founded in 2005 combines very different styles such as sludge, black metal and post-hardcore. Since its inception, it has released four albums. Celeste was founded in Lyons hardcore scene in 2005. The band plays personnel remained unchanged since its founding. In the short term they overlapped personnel with the screamo band Mihai dral, which was divided into Celeste and also longer existing Daïtro 2006. Celeste debuted in 2006 with an EP at a small French label, since their first album in 2008, however, they are located on the German label Denovali Records, where they released an album every year until 2010. Of these, published in 2010 found Morte (s) Nee (s) most resonated with audiences and critics. Unusual is the publication policy of the band: all the albums a relationship with both their appearance as recorded music on the label website as mp3s for free download. The band plays a mixture of sludge, black metal and post-hardcore, some authors also heard elements of hardcore, Doomcore, Doom Metal and Death Metal. The style combination is considered the "original", comparisons with other bands are therefore considered only selectively. The question of other bands as influences, the band returned explicitly. Here guitarist Guillaume designs the riffs and additional ideas, which are then discussed with the group to add then the other instruments. In this work, the group also provides a guarantee for the homogeneity of their style. It was noted musical Celeste would indeed "always heavier, but never changed their orientation so far." This also can be noisy especially during the first publications criticism, they were musically very variable and always did the same thing. In Morte (s) Nee (s) was then summed up that the band had, however, changed considerably, especially a greater integration of Black Metal influences was found technical development ("The riffs are sometimes very quickly, the drumming is complex and the song structures are clearer. ", more double bass") and a willingness to formal experiments (instrumentals, sampling, classical instruments such as piano and cello). Defined aim of the band is "to become even darker and more extreme" from plate to plate. This goal also the lyrics and the aesthetics of the band are based. The texts are written by Johan in French, he sees them as "something special" and means that the listener "help [can] to enter our world." They are "dark and brutal, sometimes really ugly" and grappled with "issues such as rape, pedophilia, incest, war, religions, contemporary life and so on."

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