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Catupecu Machu formed like power trio in the district of Villa Luro, in 1995. They made debut live in the Arlequines Theater and soon they faced his first tour by the rear area. Of this time its participation in the festival stands out "Nuevo Rock" of Cordova (1997), chosen as the revelation by the press, and the show in the festival "Monsters of Rock" (1998). Their first record contract obtained it for the edition of "Dale!" After "A morir" (recorded album live), in the 2000 they published "Cuentos decapitados" through EMI-Odeon, a disc that found them musically but mature, also showing a great evolution in the letters of the songs. This work went the one that catapulted them to the massive success, with subjects like "Y what I want is that you are above without suelo", "Entero or to pedazos" and "Eso vive". Videoclip of "Y what I want is that you are above without suelo", directed by Gianfranco Quatrini, it obtained prize MTV to the Best Latin Video of year 2001, chosen by the viewers. And thanks to this lauro managed to publish the disc in Puerto Rico and the United States. In December of the 2001 they managed, finally, to make debut in Works, with a show that included two scenes, with footbridges that put in means of the public, three changes of stage scene, classic fireworks and two harps that shot sounds. "Es a very authentic and original band, is not a branch of any group of outside nor of acá", Fernando commented previously Ruiz Diaz to that concert. "Lo that it has of good Catupecu, unlike other bands, is that he is popular and simultaneously pretencioso and to us we like that is así". In the middle of a high level of popularity, Miguel "Abril" Insipid it decided to leave the band to completely dedicate to its project Borgeanos Stories. The drummer was replaced by Javier Herrlein, an old one known the band, that had collaborated with them in subjects like "La polca" in the accordion and he touched the battery before the band had name. In February of the 2002 they participated in the Cosquín Festival Rock. In October of that same year, they sent "Cuadros within cuadros", the fourth disc, that experiments once again with sounds generated by computers and showing to a mutation in the band of the brothers Ruiz Diaz. "Eso Vive", also of 2002, it was a DVD in 5,1 format and sound surround, filmed with fourteen live cameras in the Stage Works of Buenos Aires. In November of 2003 they appeared before 60,000 people in the festival Rock to the Park of Bogota (Colombia). In that tour they also touched in the D.F., Guadalajara and Puebla (Mexico); San Juan of Puerto Rico and Miami (the United States). "El number imperfecto" of 2004 decapitados" returns to the sound of "Cuentos;, maintaining the electronic innovations of "Cuadros within cuadros", supported thanks to the incorporation of the tecladista Martín Macabre.

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