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Castro is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band began performing around 2003, with a different line-up, but in the last year and a half, several changes to the line-up, including new bass player John Selfridge, drummer Graham Williamson, and new guitarist Alan Williamson have helped bring the band a traditional rock n roll swagger, and an invincible stage presence. The band started off playing local pubs such as Harleys rock bar in Hamilton and Bar Starka in Motherwell. Since then, the band have played most of Scotlands best live music venue including The Barfly, The Renfrew Ferry, Nice n Sleazys, Stereo, The Cathouse Rock Club and King Tuts(at which the bands musical idols Oasis were also discovered). The band were recently supported in a local gig by a band in the top ten of the beat 106 competition Miller Unsigned. The gig was a massive success and like most of the bands local and regional gigs, it was a sell-out due to the band accumulating a healthy and loyal fanbase in the Glasgow region. To further add to their profile, the band even booked a date to play in Scotlands Barlinnie Prison. The performance went down such a storm that even the inmates asked for the band to return, which they did, a while later. Castro recently supported popular British bands The Dead 60s, The Warlocks and The Kooks in yet more sell-out shows at King Tuts. The Dead 60s are now touring with the colossal heavyweight alternative chart rock band The Stereophonics. The band are also in the Glasgow final of the East-meets-West competition, which will be held in the Barrowlands (a venue played regularly by the likes of Oasis, foo fighters, etc;). Previous heats have gone well for the band, in which they have played other bands completely off the stage, and for which they have sold well over one hundred tickets, despite date clashes with popular events such as the Scottish League Cup Final. Graham Williamson and John Selfridge are both studying music technology at university, and both have received awards in music technology from their schooldays and since. Liam-Gallagher-esque Vocalist Colin Richardson and guitarist John Taylor have been writing together since their childhood and have become a brothers-in-arms on stage and in the studio. Alan Williamson joined the band recently as guitarist/backing-vocalist and his talent has been recognised by fans and band members alike. The success of the bands independently released 4-track debut EP Cheap Thrills, recorded at Washoose studios in Glasgow (which was also given a positive review by Scottish newspaper The Daily Record) was unprecedented with the bands incredible, energetic and highly entertaining live performances reinforcing the recording, which completely sold out, and forced the band to run off another batch, such has been the interest in the band, including interest from record labels such as Sony. The bands original brand of post-Britpop style alternative rock has drawn influence from artists such as Oasis, Jet, The Foo Fighters, The Music, led zeppelin and The Beatles. They have even been compared to AC/DC, and appeal to a wide range of concert goers, with fans ranging from young teenagers to people in their 40s, and with labels keeping tabs on the bands activities, it is only a matter of time before the best band in Scotland start being called the best new band in Britain.

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