Where Angels Dream


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You can carve your name on the edge of time, but noone can see
In a world that never sleeps you hide like you wanted it to be
With all the memories from the past, you can forgive but cant forget
Silhouettes full of tragedy, like an fire burns your head

Oh, no you can't let go, you'd like to be alone
Fighting memories on your own

As I used to believe in holding onto my dreams
As the shadows are closing in, you seek the truth within
Where angels fear to dream, you seek the truth within

I follow you now to the darker side, you walk the line
As long as blood runs through your veins, can't wait until you're mine
All you've lost and all you've won, here you stand alone
As I kneel beside you here, your face turns into stone

Oh, now I'm crying all your tears while you cry mine
We'll fly to the other side

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    Música - Where Angels Dream

    Equipe Baixar.mus.br - 16/07/2022

    Where Angels Dream Música de Brainstorm.

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