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Love Song no. 2

Black Cold Bottles

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Letra da Música

For what you are I call you my princess
And having you as my princess, that's priceless
Without you I remember all my losses
I lose my sense, I lose my forces
'Cause you're so far away

I really need a piece of advice
I need a way to find the advantages
Of living without you, darling
Without you, I hit the ceiling

How I wish to dab your hand
I know you're not so close
So I send the best of me to you
And after all, could lay by your side
And other things needless to say

Wish you could sight nearby
So I'd meet you soon and hold you tight
I'm not okay, but I'll be
But not right now
Oh, you're so far away

I want you to take care
I want you to be your tack
And also satisfy your desires
I want to be the way you like
Now you're so far away..

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    Avaliação de Música: 4.9 / 5 para Love Song no. 2 por Equipe em 15 abril 2019

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