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Chrous:i want to know can your love stand the test of time
Want to feel your body next to mine
Want to know what your love feels like when i'm next to you

You see i've being looking for a love that's been gone for a very long time
I want to know what it feels like when you bring your body to mine
Can't you see that you are bring out the best in me
Trying to tell what's been on my mind
It's so hard when you are not around
Cause when i know your body is calling me
Chrous: same as the top
Can you tell me where lovers go
I wish you was here to see how i can make you glow
Just belive in me and our love will grow
Cause we're standing the test of time flowing
Making love in a realm that's unknown
So what is it going to be... are

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    Música - I Want To Know

    Equipe Baixar.mus.br - 16/07/2022

    I Want To Know Música de Aaliyah.

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