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A Story Told

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I think I made it clear
That I am never gonna see this clearly now
Cause what we did you can't fake that

And how you taste I can't shake that
I wasn't looking for you but you found me
Girl I know it's not pretend with all the thoughts in my head
I don't know where to go with this or how I'm supposed to handle this
I don't know where to go with (with all the thoughts in my head)

Sometimes I feel so close to you
But so far from knowing that it's true that I'll never get over you (over you)
I gotta know how I'm supposed to feel
When you got your hands all over me
If I never get all of you (all of you)

Fortunately I'm too out of touch with myself
To know if this was even good for me
She's onto me yeah she's so onto me
I feel you up against me now forgetting what I said for now
She knows I can't get enough I don't know where we'll end up

On and on we talk about
How we used to talk about
All the things we could've been
Before you gave in

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    Música - All Of You

    Equipe - 16/07/2022

    All Of You Música de A Story Told.

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